Candace Derksen on Location for Decision 2015

Those who follow politics closely are well aware of the situation within the New Democratic Party in Manitoba. Turmoil that's resulted in a leadership review and ultimate vote for a new leader

And even for those who don't follow politics that closely, we know that we could have a new premier following the vote and that's a pretty big deal. It's a big deal for our news team and CFAM reporter Candace Derksen will part of the scene on the weekend.

Her reports will be heard Sunday afternoon, and again on Monday .

MCI Gretna's 125th Anniversary

That smiling face belongs to MCI Gretna Principal Daryl Loewen.  He and the school will celebrate a 125th anniversary this year, with the weekend of June 5th to 7th, the weekend of Saengerfest, being the primary focus.  Daryl hosted Al Friesen this week, and shared some of the history and the goals during this 125th year of providing a Christian Education in Gretna.

WC Miller Drama Club: "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown"

It's based on Peanuts, the lovable series written by Charles Schulz, and when You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, debuted on Broadway in 1967, it starred Gary Burghoff, whom we came to love as Radar O' Reilly, in the TV hit series MASH.

 The WC Miller Drama club is presenting You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, and while the original Broadway production ran almost 1600 performances, the Miller production will run three times. This week Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Maxine Penner, Chris Friesen, and Josh Froese are three of the cast members, with Josh in the role of Charlie Brown. They, along with director Christine Banman stopped by the studio and told Al Friesen about the choice of the play 



You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, a production of the W C Miller Drama Club is a musical, and the cast did not leave, without a "snippet" of the music we get to hear at "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown.



You can get ticket information at 204-324-6416  


Elexis Penner Blog: Dethroning the Queen of Never Making Two Trips



Stained Glass Secrets

by: Elexis Penner

Dethroning the Queen of Never Making Two Trips





I’ve been meaning to express some thoughts on stress, and over-commitment, but I just haven’t had time. The irony is not lost… It has been one of those stretches where I bit off more than I could chew. I tell myself it's only a month or two – I can survive anything for a few weeks.




But a few days ago I received a message that I knew I really couldn’t ignore.




I was driving, running late, steering with my knee while I ate my breakfast en route. My mind was in a million places because I was worried about a decision I made, an appointment I forgot, and something I wished I hadn’t said. I was taking note that, because of the snow, I couldn't really see the edge of the highway, and that it would really suck to drift a tire onto the shoulder… Then I hear these lyrics on the radio, “I’m going off the rails on a crazy train….”




Of course this jumped out at me because when Ozzy speaks, people listen. Well, not entirely… But even though the song is not exactly about an over-scheduled calendar, that line just seemed appropriate.




I have a bit of a routine. Most mornings, I try to do the things that I feel are healthy for self-care – reading, meditating, exercise – the usual hippie stuff. And so my first thought was, “This is not working. There is too much going on, and I'm just as scattered as ever….”




For starters, I am very good at carrying too much stuff – I am The Queen of Never Making Two Trips. Which has saved me some trips, but has also resulted dropping gallons of milk on a frozen garage floor (I guess we’ll smell that in spring), which resulted in me having to explain to the kids exactly why they shouldn’t get into the habit of cussing – because later on in life, those words just kinda sneak up on you.




And I guess I’ve taught my kids how to carry too much. I’ve caught myself telling them to ‘Put something down before you drop it…’ Whether it is carrying too many dishes to the table, or too many cartons of eggs to the fridge, or too many hockey bags past the shelf with glass stuff and THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS…




So anyway, I was at the tail end of a stretch of delusional over-commitment, and my hands were full of a lot of stuff – schedule stuff, emotional stuff, self-pummeling stuff. Couple that with that cyclical friend who, when she finally shows up, causes you to look back at the last 5 days and go, “Oooohhh… THAT’S what that was….”




Normally this is a great time to beat myself up for being such an idiot and over-scheduling and over-stressing myself. BUT – I have a new, super-hero grade, secret weapon called… NOT beating myself up.




I had big plans to get all the things done. But I quickly realized that it would need to be a day for me to put stuff down before I drop it.




So I put down some parenting anxieties. I thought of something I had read, “If you’re a parent, accept that you’re going to screw up. Have a sense of humour and ask for help.” Truly.




And I put down some nonessentials – aka housework.




And I fought the urge to try to do a full-scale over-haul of our life and house and schedule to make it into the perfectly manageable machine.




I put down my all or nothing mindset, which is my default. Oh? We had a crazy month? Well let’s move to a cabin in the woods and tap our own maple syrup and grow our own pigs and card our own wool. As much as I think I could handle that on most days, I suspect it might backfire.




And so, with a clearer head, and a couple of ironed out priorities, I move forward. I will continue to show up, do the things that are healthy for my spirit – like breathing, and exercise and pauses. Sometimes the benefits are hard to see, but the fact that I haven’t run screaming into the woods is a sure sign of progress.




And try not to carry tooooooooo many of the other things, like over-scheduling and the kicking of oneself when down.




At least until the next time I believe the lie of my invincibility. And I will know it’s really serious when it is pointed out to me through 80’s heavy metal lyrics.





Colds & Flu's Impacting Many Manitobans

Is your workplace or your family situation like many others? People are at home sick, or toughing it out and struggling through some pretty intense days of feeling poorly. It certainly seems like colds and flu's are running rampant around here.  Is that the case?  For that answer we reached out to our CFAM morning show health and specialist, Pharmacist Ryan Douglas at Winkler Pharmacy.  And yes, according to Ryan, there are some pretty active strains impacting Manitobans this winter



You can also find more information at


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