Alycia Hildebrand is the General Manager of Industrial Eats, a restaurant slated to open later this year in support of The Bunker Youth Drop-in Centre in Winkler. 

Hildebrand is also well known as a part of the leadership group operating The Bunker food truck, famous for their pulled pork sandwiches. 

“Every Thursday we're parked at The Bunker and we make [food] for whoever wants to come over for lunch.” 

Otherwise, The Bunker food truck is busy serving businesses in the community. All proceeds from the food truck supports more than 100 youth that drop in weekly at the centre. 

This year the food truck is seeing some surprises on the menu, thanks to the lead chef of Industrial Eats, says Hildebrand, “We of course are always going to be running the famous bunker pulled pork. We can't give that one up. We also have our fries, coleslaw, and deep fried perogies. But the Industrial Eats lead chef (Chris Hildebrand) wanted to test some recipes. So, every week, he is running a special out of the food truck. We find out the morning of what that special is, and we run with it. Last week the special was a sliced brisket sandwich with chipotle aioli and pickles and all.” 

The weekly surprises on the menu have been received well by the public. Hildebrand says they are grateful for the community support.  

“We just love being able to serve the community in this way, and food always brings people together. If that's what we have to do to bring people together, then we will [keep] serving food.” 

The Bunker Food Truck will be serving food to the community, throughout the summer, every Thursday from 11:30 am – 1 pm at The Bunker parking lot, at 545 Industrial Drive, Winkler. To learn more, click here

Listen to the full interview with Alycia Hildebrand and Connie Bailey below. 

brisket sandwichSliced brisket sandwich with chipotle aioli and pickles, one of the surprise specials at The Bunker food truck inspired by Industrial Eats lead chef, Chris Hildebrand.