Manitoba Agriculture's weekly crop report show high humidity, rainfall and localized storms continue to be an issue.

Dennis Lange puts together the weekly crop report for Manitoba Agriculture and says right now most areas in the province are now exceeding 130 per cent of normal rainfall.  

"What that means for crop development, I guess right now if we're looking at cereals, the fall rye and winter wheats are at the soft dough stage with the most advanced fields starting to ripen on the fall rye. With respect to corn, growth stages it's still lagging behind a little bit, but should catch up with this recent heat. But it's sitting at the V6 to V8 growth stage. And with spring wheat, what we're looking at right now is flag to heading stage. There is definitely some fungicide application happening over the last week and a half here for fusarium head blight. Most of the spring wheat crop right now is rated fair to good with about ten per cent of the crop being reported as poor in the Northwest Central and Interlake."

This week's crop report shows canola growth stage ranges from the rosette to flowering stage, with fungicide application for sclerotina occurring.

Sunflowers are at the V8 to V12 growth stage with R1 stage being reported. Flax crops ranged from growth stage 5 to 7

 Field peas have reached the R1-R2 stage, with some fungicide application occurring for mycosphaerella blight.

Soybean growth stage ranges from second to fourth trifoliate, with flowering being reported on earliest fields. Overall crop development is delayed with producers looking for warmer conditions to drive the crop forward. Iron deficiency chlorosis continues to show up in some fields. Dry beans are in third to fourth trifoliate stage.

Overall, he notes we've seen some yellowing and wilting plants due to the excess moisture. 

Some farmers are resorting to using planes to spray fungicides rather than working in fields.

Check out Manitoba Agriculture's Weekly Crop Report here.

To listen to Glenda-Lee's conversation with Soybean Specialist and author of Manitoba's Weekly Crop Report Dennis Lange click on the link below.