Local youth are being challenged to share bold ideas to make Winkler a better place.

Up to $15,000 is being made available to youth-led initiatives through the Future Launch Community Challenge from the Winkler Community Foundation (WCF) and RBC.

"We ware excited to hear what youth see as pressing issues in our community and the ideas they develop to meet the needs in our community as they work with local charities," WCF Executive Director Myra Peters says, adding the needs identified in the recent Vital Signs community survey is a good place to start.

The document outlined a number of concerns facing the city including poverty, a lack of affordable housing and long wait times for personal care homes.

She notes the RBC funding can be granted for one project or can be split between projects but will depend on the projects that come forward and the funding needs they have.

"We are excited about the additional grant money available to our community for youth lead projects," Peters says.

Anyone aged 15-29 is invited to submit an idea to the WCF. Peters notes the national program is bringing money to the community that will help youth address local priorities.

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