The 25th anniversary of the Winkler Cenotaph was marked by a heartfelt ceremony on July 3rd at Winkler Heritage Park. The event brought together community members and veterans to honour those who have served.

"Events like this tend to allow us to put our brand out there and remind people why we need to keep remembering," said 
Rob Wiebe was a key figure in organizing the ceremony. He emphasized the importance of remembering the sacrifices made by veterans.

Deborah Giblin, speaking on behalf of MP Branden Leslie, highlighted the enduring importance of the Cenotaph. She conveyed Leslie’s sentiments, noting, "This Cenotaph commemorates the dedication and sacrifice that our Winkler veterans have given... Our veterans, through their dedication and sacrifice, ensured that we would be able to celebrate Canada Day for years to come. To all those who have served and all those who continue to serve to keep Canada strong and free, I say a heartfelt thank you."

Retired Captain John Imhoff shared his personal connection to the event, recounting his military service and his pride in the Cenotaph's role in the community. 

"It's very important to remember. I served for 32 years, and recognizing the memorial here is something I'm all in for," said Imhoff.

The event highlighted the community's commitment to remembering and honouring its veterans, serving as a reminder of the collective respect and gratitude felt towards those who have served. 

"This rededication is a reminder of why we have to keep remembering the sacrifices made for the freedoms we enjoy today," said John Minty, Deputy Commander of District 4.

The dedication and efforts of the organizers were clear in the detailed planning and heartfelt speeches.

Bob Frost, President of the Morden Legion Branch, spoke about the collective effort involved in establishing the Cenotaph. "It took more than 50 years for this to happen, and it’s a big deal. We need to honour those who made it possible and those who have served."

Despite the event originally being postponed due to weather, the ceremony was a proper tribute to the veterans and a reaffirmation of the community's dedication to preserving their memory. 

As Rob Wiebe concluded, "We will remember. That’s our driving force, ensuring future generations understand and honour these sacrifices."