Shield of Faith performing at 2009 festival.


The fourth Sunday in July is when fans of country, gospel and bluegrass music flock to the Cripple Creek Festival south east of Morden. This year will be the 29th annual Cripple Creek event, and Vice President George Elias shares why people continue to support the festival.

Elias adds there is a full line-up of music from 10 until 8:30. Visitors often comment on the quality of snacks and goodies at the food shack, which is a great fundraiser, and the souvenir shop is ideal for getting new music out to fans.  Elias explains the location is part of the festival's appeal because it's off of the highway, well shaded, and they control the mosquitoes. He notes in 28 years they've only had one rain out, and hopes the good luck continues.



Juanita and Stu Clayton performing at 2009 festival.
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