Recently, the chair of the Boundary Trails Health Centre (BTHC) Foundation announced the fundraising committee's goal to raise $ 10 million for the hospital expansion had topped the $ 8 million mark. That was in part to a half-million dollar donation from Access Credit Union.
Access President and CEO Larry Davey made the donation official on Thursday, presenting a cheque to the Foundation for the $500,000.
"To me, this is a perfect fit with what our membership is seeking on how we support our various communities," said Davey. "Boundary Trails impacts so many of the communities we're in. We're just happy to support them in this expansion."

BTHC Foundation Board Chair Ben Friesen says receiving a donation as they close in on their fundraising goal is only a motivator to keep going.

"It doesn't make us sit back and say, oh, now we're going to relax," said Friesen. "This is so fantastic. For all the work that has been done...all the places the committee has been visiting and having meetings with, this just gives everybody a really good boost to know that, hey, this community still supports us. I'm sure we'll get the balance figured out here in the next month or two. We don't see it as that as a problem. We see it as a fantastic challenge to get it done." 

The $500,000 donation from Access has been designated toward the Youth and Child Rehabilitation Centre, bringing it all under one roof with the new construction at BTHC.