Country 88 has a Bounty of Brody for you! Tickets every day this week (January 20th to January 24th) to see Dean Brody Live at the MTS Centre February 12th. 

His outrageously named "Crop Circles and Tractor Beams" tour is coming to town, and your outrageous and unbelievable experiences are what's going to win you tickets. 

So get your "Your wouldn't believe this happened to me" stories ready and listen weekday mornings with Chris Sumner to share it and win!



Monday, January 20th - Esther Loewen (Winkler area) - her story features a treehouse, and her brother crashing through it!

Tuesday, January 21st - Nettie Wiebe (Altona area) - her story focuses on an accidental public display of affection

Wednesday, January 22nd - Karen Maxwell (Carman) - being heckled while giving a 4H speech, Karen had something to say to her friends in the front row

Thursday, January 23rd - Kelsey Sagert (Morden) - all you need to know is bats in a house being shown by a realtor

Friday, January 24th - Monika Giesbrecht (Morden) - what a time to need a pen?!? During the registry signing of her wedding!