Morden Fire and Rescue were dispatched to a fire call over the weekend.

"We had a fire call on Saturday evening, where we had a kitchen fire in a residential home on 13th Street," explained Fire Chief Andy Thiessen. "The owner of the home was at home, he just happened to be outside at the time. When he came in, his house was full of smoke so he was able to call it in quickly, and we were able to respond quickly so the damage was kept to the kitchen area. So, that part went good."

Thiessen had a reminder for the public.

"It was the result of something left on a stove and unattended, and that's what happens sometimes. So, if you're cooking or you have things going on in the stove, make sure you're aware of what's going on with it."

Thiessen was grateful the owner was able to call it in as soon as possible.

"It makes good results when you get an early call and can get there quickly. The result was probably as minimal as we could expect, but there's still a fair amount of damage, a lot of smoke damage, and stuff like that."

Thiessen added he hoped the owner will be able to get the damage repaired and be back in the home soon.