A former drug addict and recovering alcoholic is helping others in their fight to beat addictions. Winkler's Steve Chaboyer has lived a life that's included being addicted to crystal meth and alcohol for well over 15 years.
During his time with addiction, Chaboyer spent time in jail and different rebabs. He said it was being in jail long enough to 'give his head a shake' and realize he needed help.
Recognizing he needed help, Chaboyer applied for Adult and Teen Challenge's one year program, which he was accepted into in March 2018. In the end, Chaboyer went through 2 1/2 years of programming with Adult and Teen Challenge, and now works with the program at the Winkler office. 

Winkler's Steve Chaboyer shared his recovery story

"That was five years ago next month, and I've been sober ever since. It's cool because I get to come back to the community where all of this happened. And when I first went back, a lot of people thought I was crazy coming right back to where I left from. But, it's God's plan and it's cool, because I get to see people I knew from the past, and they see the transformation that God's done in my life, and I get to share that hope with them, and show them that God is real, and He's still setting people free today."

Derek Neufeld is with Adult and Teen Challenge of the Pembina Valley, based of the Winkler office, and works together with Chaboyer. When asked what benefit there is to getting off of an addiction, Neufeld said, "life."

"I don't say that loosely, or in a facetious kind of way," said Neufeld. "I say that because really what the addict needs is they need a complete reset. It's lifestlye, it's habits, it's patterns, it's disciplines, which we all need."

Neufeld said it's not just drug and alcohol addictions people struggle with. He said there's a long list of life controlling addictions that can wreak havoc on your day, and not one or the other is greater or less than the other.

For Chaboyer, he said he is still on the road to recovery, and learning things every day, just being in that lifestyle so long. "Can set someone free just like that? (snaps fingers) Yeah He can. For a lot of people, that's not the case. They struggle with temptation and cravings and things like that for years, if not that rest of their life. So that's why we're here. Be that support network they need, and help coach them along their journey."

When he first started taking drugs and alcohol many years ago, Chaboyer said for him, being selfish and wanting to fit in with the 'right crowd' is what led him to addiction.

Presently, he said there are a lot of people in the office dealing with mental health issues, loneliness and depression.

Meanwhile, Neufeld said recovery from addiction is a journey that is about relationship building and added the following message.