The Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research and Development Centre in Morden is 107 years old.

Early research focused on livestock and has now moved into pulses, oilseeds, and cereals with research being conducted on genetics and breeding.

Associate Director Scott Duguid explained how the data is used.

"The data that's collected is used in a couple of ways. One is that the data that comes out of here is used to recommend varieties for registration of bean varieties across Western Canada. That data gets then utilized by growers to see what particular varieties of beans would fit their area of production, their rotation, their area. The data that's generated for yield, disease resistance and the quality of seed goes into that decision of what the farmer is going to produce and market."

Duguid says one of the largest groups of plant pathologists in any one centre in Canada is located in Morden.

He notes they have a full section of land to grow crops and run trials.

AAFC MordenAAFC Research and Development Centre in Morden