Last week Thursday at the Buhler Active Living Centre, a Canadian Foodgrains Bank presentation by Program Manager Stefan Epp-Koop took place regarding the work of the organization, networking through 15 different church-based agencies, to end hunger around the world..

Epp-Koop explained the rising number of people experiencing acute hunger around the world is growing.

"Now there are 193 million people who are acutely food insecure, who are going hungry in our world today. That number is unprecedented. It's a record number. Last year, there was only 150 million. That was also a record, but it's up 40 million since then, and we expect it to continue to grow next year. We are in a hunger crisis, that 193 million people represents a crisis around the world, in terms of levels of hunger and food insecurity."

While the stories shared in the presentation were about locations in Africa, Epp-Koop noted, there is a global need.

"Canadian Foodgrains bank is responding every year in around 35 to 40 countries around the world. Right now, that includes places like Lebanon and Syria where people continue to be impacted by the civil war that's been there over the last decade and longer, places like Pakistan, where people are experiencing incredible drought and heat, places like Latin America, where there's drought, or Venezuela and Colombia, where there's been economic shocks and crisis that have forced people to leave their homes. This is impacting people around the world in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. People are increasingly experiencing acute levels of hunger."

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To hear Stefan Epp-Koop's full presentation listen to the podcast and follow along with his powerpoint presentation below.