Despite some ups and downs with the weather, Lake Minnewasta Campground Manager Brian Thiessen says activity at the beach has been good.
Thiessen says there have been days where the beach has been packed, and after going through a year of extreme drought conditions they have been 'blessed with more water in the lake.'
He said it's been great to see more people out enjoying the beach and lake, however wind has been an issue on many days. During the City of Morden's recent Paddlefest event, Thiessen said it was well attended, but the gusty wind that day forced them to alter a number of events.
He notes the wind was strong enough that it created whitecaps on the lake. Thiessen says organizers made adjustments, and in the end, the Paddlefest was a success.

"Our gate is doing right on par for what we've done in the past, so it seems like people coming in, are well within what we've expected and hoped for it to be. Our camping is a little bit down from last year, just in regards to how last year's COVID really impacted how people were wanting to camp. Not that it's down, it's just not as much as it was last year." Thiessen said overall activity is pretty much on par with last year.

Thiessen notes people have been enjoying the Splish Splash Waterpark this year as well, which is back up and functioning. "They've been able to add items to the park, and because of the water (increased levels), you can use the entire park. Last year there were portions you couldn't use because we just didn't have enough depth in the water to properly use some of the pieces."

A number of months ago, the City of Morden banned the use of motorized boats on Lake Minnewasta. Only boats with electric trolling motors up to 10 hp, and non-motorized watercraft are allowed on the lake.

Thiessen noted having a calmer, quieter lake to come to, along with higher water levels, has brought more people to the lake as well to enjoy kayaking, paddle boating, and other activities.

Meanwhile, Thiessen says they're working on erecting two yurts at the campground. The goal is to have the yurts ready to rent before the end of this summer.

Thiessen says it's exciting to welcome people back to events at Lake Minnewasta - noting the return of the Morden Triathlon happening this Saturday and Sunday, and the Colour Run coming up in August.

Heather Francis joined Ronny Guenther to talk about the return of the Morden Triathlon at Lake Minnewasta.