Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba (AITC-M) kicked off Food and Farm Awareness Week on September 19th with the launch of the Foundations of Agriculture Virtual Resource Hub.

Targeting all students from grades K-12, Foundations of Manitoba Agriculture is a series of interactive courses and information sheets that invite teachers and students to explore 18 different crops grown and animals raised in Manitoba - connecting what they eat to the journey their food takes to get from farm to plate.

"Teachers were saying to us that they're more and more disconnected from the farm and they just didn't feel super comfortable sometimes trying to talk about agriculture and so that's really why we created this resource was to help teachers become more comfortable talking about ag. We went a little bit further, making sure that it worked for all students," said Clayton.

AITC-M worked closely with partners in Manitoba’s agriculture industry to ensure the resources provide accurate, balanced, and current information. 

The 2022 Presenting Sponsor is Peak of the Market.