If you've driven past 2nd St NE in Altona you've probably noticed that part of the road has been torn up.
Public Works Manager, Clint Derksen, says it's all part of the final phase of last year's downtown drainage project. Two blocks of the road are being torn up between 4th Ave NE and 6th Ave NE and will be re-engineered for improved drainage.

"The old design had water shedding from the west side of the road all the way over the east side over the driving surface. This new road will be more traditional with a peak in the middle and then the water will be directed to each curb and gutter, and then transferred to buried culverts under the road to the new downtown drainage pumping station," he explained. "It'll be more efficient and there will be less water on the road, especially during heavy rains."

A thicker base will also be laid at the foundation.

"Road standards have changed considerably since the road was first done. That was essentially re-enforced concrete on dirt with a little bit of base work," said Derksen. The new foundation will first see 8 inches of C base go down followed by 6 inches of A base with the reinforced concrete surface on top.

While re-enforced concrete costs more up-front, Derksen says the return on investment is better than asphalt. "It lasts much longer."
Weather permitting, the work should be done by the end of August.