The Altona Community Foundation (ACF) has handed out one of the biggest grants in its nearly 30-year history.

While deliberating which would be the successful applicants in its 2022 Fall granting period, the Board opted to commit $50,000 to the Kiddie Sunshine Daycare new building project over the next five years.

"In the grand scheme of the project, it's not necessarily huge but every dollar counts at this point," said ACF President Haydon Friesen, noting the new daycare facility will be a valuable resource for the town and surrounding area. 

He added, the vast scope of who this project will all benefit was certainly a motivating factor in the Board's commitment.

"That's kind of the mandate of the Community Foundation, and when we look at the guidelines for a successful applicant, we look at how many people this will impact. The Kiddie Sunshine facility is something that can impact a lot of different people in various stages of their lives whether it's professionals looking to relocate to Altona, immigrants that might not necessarily have a grandma/grandpa or parents to help with childcare. It's certainly an important facility and a great resource for everyone."

Meantime, ACF doled out an additional $30,000 as part of its 2022 Fall granting period. The money was divided up between nine local organizations and non-profits supporting athletic, recreational, senior, artistic, and family initiatives. 

The successful applicants are listed below.
Altona & Area Family Resource Centre - $450
Altona Community Action Network - $4,000
Altona Curling Club - $2,000
Buffalo Creek Skating Trail - $1,250
Gallery in the Park - $6,450
The Community Exchange in Altona Inc. - $2,140
The Gardens on Tenth - $1,610
Altona Minor Ball - $2,000 ($1,500 from Menno H. Friesen Fund)
Gretna Stars Rec Hockey - $434 (Menno H. Friesen Fund)

"The projects that are happening in Altona and our area are super exciting to see, and the groups that are putting in so much time and effort into these projects," said Friesen. "We're very fortunate to be able to help those groups financially."

The Altona Community Foundation is also grateful for the recent financial contributions from Altona and area residents and businesses during the recently completed Endow Manitoba giving challenge. Once gifts were "stretched" with the Manitoba Government and Winnipeg Foundation, the ACF was able to add nearly $40,000 to its capital fund.