For the past year, Avery Fehr has brought a younger perspective to the decision-making process of Altona Town Council.  

He signed on to role of Youth Council member in December 2022, making him the youngest to ever hold the position. 

As he anticipates entering the ninth grade, Fehr has now agreed to a second one-year term. 

"I like being around all the council members. It’s so much fun. I like to learn. Everything’s good about being here. They’re all nice and kind. It’s a good job to have."

Fehr appreciates that the council takes his contribution seriously.

"They take all your thoughts, and they try to do what they can. You have to bring whatever you can to the table but not all of it can be done. But they try."

Having a youth rep on Council has been a 20-year tradition in Altona.

Mayor Harv Schroeder says it's been great having Fehr's perspective around the table. 

"We usually target the high school and Avery stepped forward as a grade 8 from Parkside. He sits and listens. When we gave him a task, he fulfilled it. He went to ask questions in school, from friends and family and teachers, and came back with a report."

Schroeder believes Fehr could have a future in civic politics.

"Who knows, down the road he may be a lifetime council [member] or potentially mayor."

In his first term, Fehr learned about new projects in the community and how the town operates behind-the-scenes. 
During his second term, the Youth Rep would like to see some the ideas he offered become reality. 

"Maybe some music at the pool, maybe a splash park, and maybe some other things around the outdoor spaces like the pond, like benches. Just little things. Those will eventually come."

With files from Candace Derksen

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