Altona Council is further pondering the idea of raising a section of the town's most westerly road. 
In spring 2022, Public Works staff spent countless hours shoring up the north half of 9th St. Northwest, including erecting a tiger dam, as overland flood waters from the west came hard and fast.

"We've known that that road is below a level that we like to see," said Mayor Harv Schroeder.

As a result, the Town has hired a firm to explore funding options through the Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) program. 

Schroeder says this exploratory phase will also give the Town an idea of any associated engineering costs. 

"If you see the difference at the corner of 10th Ave. NW and 9th St. where the concrete ends, it comes down quite a bit. I would say it's probably down two to three feet. There is a portion there where culverts go through the road and that is the lowest point."

Schroeder noted, raising the north portion of the road would be a benefit to protecting to the development that is happening in the northwest corner of town.

Crews working to set up the tiger dam in spring 2020Crews working to set up the tiger dam in spring 2020