The Domo Gas Mart in Altona has closed its doors.

Wednesday was the final day of operations.

In a statement, Jared Barnabe, President of the Altona and District Chamber of Commerce, said that while the Board is disappointed to hear of the closure, members understand the circumstance behind the decision following a meeting with the business owner.

"Domo Gas, and Abe's entrepreneurial spirit, has been a staple in the Altona retail market for a long time and will be missed," he added. 

Barnabe continued to say, "The retail market in Altona will continue to adapt to an evolving market and we believe our local business owners, and entrepreneurs will continue to take advantage of these new opportunities, strengthening our local retail industry."

The closure leaves the Sun Valley Co-op Gas Bar as the town's remaining filling station. 

The future of parcel service in Altona also remains in question as Domo served as the hub for pick-ups and drop-offs. Barnabe is confident this issue with flesh itself out as some business owners have already expressed an interest in taking over the service.

The move also creates another empty commercial lot along Centre Avenue, kitty-corner from the former McDonald's restaurant which also sits empty.