A 17-year-old driver will need to pay some hefty fines for speeding, and will also face a licence review with Manitoba Public Insurance.
While travelling back from Plum Coulee on Wednesday, officers with the Altona Police Service (APS) noticed an oncoming car that appeared to be driving at a remarkably high rate of speed for the roadway. The marked police vehicle’s radar depicted a consistent reading of 193 km/h despite the highway having a posted maximum speed limit of 100 km/h.
The driver, a 17-year-old with a Class 5 Intermediate driver’s licence, faces fines of $1,268 for speeding and $672.00 for drive carelessly. Additionally, the driver was served a Serious Offence Notice for a licence review with Manitoba public insurance.

According to a news release issued by APS, the driver admitted to the high rate of speed he was caught travelling. He explained to the officers that he had gone into town to run an errand. The driver also explained that he had just completed passing other slower-travelling vehicles and when he realized the speed he was going, he felt terrified.

Meanwhile, police say they have also seen many people operating their vehicles without them being registered, or being operated by a person not holding a valid driver's licence. 

The Altona Police Service urges motorists to slow down and obey all the rules of the road, to have a safe and incident-free summer. 

APS is again participating in the annual Manitoba Public Insurance Enhancement Campaign. The program began last month and will wrap up in March of 2023.