An upgraded vac (vacuum) truck will soon be seen in action throughout the town of Altona, maintaining the efficiency of local sewer lines. 

The Town's Public Utilities department recently upgraded from a 2005 single axle 2005 Sterling with a Vactor 2100i kit to a 2016 Kenworth with a Vactor 2100 Plus kit and tandem axle. It also boasts a larger debris body and a greater capacity for water storage. Not only was the frequency of repairs to the old truck starting to add up, but so was the cost. 

"This new truck with its larger waste tank capacity and water storage, allows us here at the Public Utilities department to spend more time on the work tasks and less time loading and unloading water and waste, which in turn means more efficiency on job completion, something the Town strives for," explained Jackson Enns, Public Utilities Foreman, in a news release. 
According to the Town, the vac truck is an essential part of waste management as it preserves the function of Altona’s sewer mains, allowing for waste to be smoothly sent to the wastewater treatment plant and minimizing clogged plumbing. The vehicle will also be used for hydro excavation, a non-destructive and more accurate way to remove soil and locate underground utilities, according to the Town.

“Council is very happy to support this upgrade. We want to make sure our utilities department has the right equipment to get the job done and serve the community for years to come," added Mayor Harv Schroeder.

It is expected the $400,000 truck, budgeted for in the 2022 Financial Plan, will serve the community for at least 15 years.


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