Altona's Downtown Summer Kick-Off was a successful event, drawing residents and visitors to the heart of the town for two days of entertainment, food, and community spirit.

"We've been coming every year since they started... we live just down the street, so my kids would be very upset if I didn't bring them. We usually spend the whole day here and have lots of fun," said attendee Karen Voth. "I think it's great for Altona. It's a great way to kick off the summer, and it's making fun memories that the kids will have when they're grown up. It's something they will remember that their hometown always had."

The streets were lined with various food and craft vendors, offering everything from local treats to handmade products. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to sample unique foods and purchase one-of-a-kind items. Carnival treats like cotton candy and popcorn were everywhere, and various games and activities provided entertainment for all ages.

"It's a lot of fun for all ages, from young children to adults. I think everyone has a really good time," said Stephanie Harris, Director of the Altona District Chamber of Commerce. "I have two young nephews, so I love seeing them running around, enjoying the rides, playing the games, and eating cotton candy. Seeing them have a great time makes it all worth it."

The Altona Downtown Summer Kick-Off was not just about fun and festivities; it also served as a platform for community engagement. The event emphasized supporting local businesses. By hosting the Wonder Shows attractions, the Downtown Summer Kick-Off helped stimulate the local economy and highlighted the talents and products available within the community.

"It's definitely something that brings people in Altona together. We don't have that many festivals very often with all these rides. It brings people to Altona that don't live here," said attendee Ashley Weins.

The Altona Downtown Summer Kick-Off was a success, bringing together the community for a memorable weekend of fun, food, and festivities. It showcased the spirit of Altona and highlighted the importance of community events for local engagement and support.