YFC Altona staff, volunteers, and youth will be going all over Altona mowing as many lawns as possible. This is a service to our community, and also raises funds for YFC Altona programs.

HOW IT WORKS: Support us by making a per-lawn donation or a set amount donation. Making a per-lawn donation is a fun way of  motivating everyone involved to not only help more people in our community, but every additional lawn mowed equals more money raised for YFC programs. For example: if you pledge a $5 per lawn donation and we mow 30 lawns on July 28th your total donation would total $150 (which would be billed to you after the event and final lawn amount is known.) All event donations will receive a tax receipt at year-end.

GET INVOLVED: Have a lawn mower you could lend us for the day? or know of someone that we would bless by mowing their lawn?  Please get in contact with us so we can coordinate with you! 

*There is absolutely no obligation to donate to YFC Altona if we mow your lawn.

Make your pledge by calling us at 204 324 5659, email stationyfc@gmail.com, in person at 35 6th st se, or see us at our weekly Wednesday BBQs!

Here's Zack Driedger in conversation with Marty Falk covering all the details!