The Province is throwing its support behind Altona Youth For Christ's move to a larger facility. It has granted The Station $25,000 through its Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund to help create a more accessible maker space area for at-risk youth in the community.

"It's poetic the way we can take that which was meant for harm and turn it to good in a program like this," said Justice Minister Cameron Friesen.

The Criminal Property Forfeiture program seizes and liquidates criminal assets and redirects funding to projects and initiatives designed to protect Manitobans and enhance public safety, including organizations across Manitoba whose initiatives build community, invest in youth and support victims of crime.

Recipients are selected from applications that have been submitted by area police services.

"Right now in our communities and in our nation, when there is such a focus on how police are conducting themselves in their role, this is a really good success story that shows police are out there, they're creating partnerships, getting to know their community and building trust," added Friesen when asked what about the maker space program stuck out. "This initiative is very practical in nature and is an excellent example of a project that is designed to give kids skills, give them training, broaden their horizons and their employment opportunities after all is said and done."

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