Work is still scheduled to begin on the Town of Altona's highly anticipated Southwest Drainage Project.

Phase One, culvert installation, was originally slated to start in 2021 but the project was met with a few delays that needed to be worked out before crews could start digging. This brought the start date to 2022, however work has yet to get underway. The delay this time, explained Public Works Manager Clint Derksen, is because the contractor is deployed elsewhere in the province doing unexpected flood clean up work from this spring. 

"Everything is staked, the elevations are set, we know exactly was the plan is and we've met on-site a few times to go over it. We're ready to go as soon as our contractor is ready," he said. 

The original plan for this year was to install new culverts from the Buffalo Creek east all the way to 4th St. SW, however with the shortened season Derksen expects they won't get quite that far. He is confident the installation will make it all the way up to Road 5W this summer.