This lot is located just east of the Southland Mall, and is adjacent to Highway 14 and several other commercial businesses


Winkler's mayor feels, over the last decade or so, not a lot of emphasis has been placed on ensuring new buildings in the city's commercial and industrial areas are pleasing to the eye.

Martin Harder made those comments after a conditional use application was discussed at council last  week.

The applicant wants to construct a storage shed on what council believes is a prime, highly visible piece of commercial property on Kimberly Road.

Harder notes they want the structure to be more than a metal barn, and have asked the street facing side be built to look like a storefront.

This particular application was tabled, and the city will be working with the applicant to develop a mutually agreeable facade.

He adds this is a conscious effort to avoid having the area turn into another Cargill Road.

Harder says the way he understands it, when Cargill Road was built, the intention was for it to be a showcase.

Unfortunately that has not turned out to be the case, with some properties esthetically pleasing, and others not as much.

He stresses, as the city continues to develop Roblin East, that will not happen again, because it will be keeping a much closer eye on the issue.

With the high visibility of Roblin East, Harder says council wants to make sure people coming into the city via that route are greeted by an attractive business area.

~ Monday, May 3rd 2010 ~