Wild birds are believed to be the primary source of the disease.

The number of cases of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza continues to increase in commercial and non-commercial poultry flocks across the prairies. 

Since the beginning of September, Manitoba has reported 15 cases, Saskatchewan 14, and Alberta 19.

Poultry producers and small flock owners are being reminded to follow all necessary biosecurity protocols to protect their flocks from the disease. 

People are being encouraged to keep birds indoors, if possible, during migration. 

The risk of disease spread is expected to remain high throughout the fall migration, which typically ends mid-November.

As a result, Saskatchewan's Animal Health Order limiting the transport and comingling of poultry is being extended until November 17th.

The Province's Chief Veterinary Officer says the order prohibits the movement to and participation of birds in shows, auctions and agricultural fairs, or any events where birds would be co-mingled from multiple locations.