The National Sunflower Association of Canada is looking forward to the arrival of the first Clearfield variety sunflowers.

The BASF developed system is comprised of non-genetically modified, herbicide tolerant seed and broad-spectrum herbicides.

Past President Luc Remillard is impressed by the U.S. trials of the system, but notes Clearfield will not be a silver bullet for growers.

He notes it works very well on some weeds, but doesn't work as well on some tougher to kill weeds producers in the southwest have to deal with like kochia and ragweed.

Remillard feels it will fit well with the tools already available to growers.

BASF Canada received final federal regulatory approval for Clearfield sunflowers last fall.

The approval allows BASF to pursue the development and commercial production of Clearfield sunflowers in Canada for both oilseed and confectionary markets.