The Boil Water Advisory implemented Monday for a portion of the Massey water system in the R.M. of Stanley, has been lifted. 

A notice sent to PembinaValleyOnline from the R.M. of Stanley indicated that regular water use can resume in the affected area. See map below for details on the affected area. 

Meantime, a Boil Water Advisory that took effect at 8 a.m. Monday morning for a large portion of the Pembina Vally Water Co-op's service area remains in place. 

Affected areas are:

RM of Montcalm

Town of Altona

Altona Rural Water Coop

Halbstadt Marais Water Coop

Roseau River Anishinaabe First Nation

RM of Stanley (portion)

Municipality of Rhineland

Municipality of Emerson Franklin

Blumengart Colony

PembinaValleyOnline is working closely with the PVWC and will communicate when that order is lifted. 

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