With construction well underway on the Boundary Trails Health Centre (BTHC) expansion, Friday's annual fundraising gala hosted by the BTHC Foundation at Morden's Access Event Centre was a night of celebration and looking ahead to the project’s completion. 

Ben Friesen, Chairperson, announced at the gala the Foundation had reached its $10 million local fundraising goal needed for the expansion, one day short of a year since the campaign was announced. 

"Every meeting we've been at, there's been many of us including myself, we've just been in awe. We go out and we talk to people, and some people come and talk to us, because they know we're doing this and so supportive," he said. "Sometimes you try something, and you get negative feelings, and this whole year we've just had no negativity. It's been so fantastic. It's been a fun project, and we all know its' for a great cause."

Ben FriesenBen Friesen addresses the crowd Friday night sharing the news of the $10 million goal being reached.

The sod was turned on the expansion about one year ago as well.

"I was talking to the construction guy today, and he's here at the banquet as well, and he said 'we're playing in the mud but we're not slowing down. We're just going to keep on going.' So, that's great!" said Friesen.

Friday's gala event was also an opportunity to reflect on the great work the Foundation has done for years and will continue to do, including fund the Spiritual Care and Palliative Care programs as well as special equipment purchases. In fact, Friesen noted, the added services included with the expansion will mean more commitments for the Foundation.

"The Level 2 nursery. We're going to need a pediatrics program. We are right now, in process of helping them with some of the funding in the pediatrics program that they need to come up with," he explained. "We're going to have to service and train people for the NICU and the Level 2 nursery. There's so many more things they're going to need help with. Southern Health-Sante Sud, they do pay for everything, but it's like our mission statement say - we help with the above and beyond - just to make it a little more special for everybody to come here."

Kyle MacNair, implementation lead, provided an update on the BTHC expansion, with construction well underwayKyle MacNair, implementation lead, provided an update on the BTHC expansion, with construction well underway

Money raised at Friday's gala will support the Foundation's ongoing programs. The final numbers are still being tallied.

~With files from Chris Sumner ~


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