The Carman Country Fair, the weekend-long festival, drew an amazing number of people to Carman. The fair offered a diverse range of activities and attractions, guaranteeing there was something for everyone to enjoy.

From the petting zoo, where families had the opportunity to interact with various friendly animals, to the agricultural exhibits and barn tours that provided insight into farming methods, the fair celebrated rural life and the importance of agriculture in Manitoba.

"It was just something special to do with my grandson... this was our special day together. My grandkids are my life. It's especially fun to have one on one. I think it's a great bonding experience. You know, it's something for the adults and the kids," said Valerie Bamford, who attended the fair.

Thrilling RC car demonstrations captivated crowds, while the 4-H displays showcased the talents and achievements of the participating kids. The festival rides, including the iconic Ferris wheel, added an extra layer of fun.

"We always came and showed cattle when we were younger here with 4-H. It's nice to support the agricultural community, as well as the community in general," said Carrie Ray Miller, who attended the fair.

The fair also catered to the creative side of attendees with face-painting booths, letting children and adults transform into their favourite characters and creatures. At the end of each night, a mesmerizing drone light show lit up the sky.

The musical performances at the fair were a highlight for many attendees.  Bands like Double Talk, An Unexpected End, and The Color took the stage, captivating the attendees by taking over the atmosphere with their energetic performances. 

The lead singer of The Color, Jordan Janzen, made his highly anticipated live stage debut of the new single, "You Can Let Go."

"Carman is close, and we know a lot of people here so we're excited to be able to play close to home. It's a good day to be here in Carman. My new single was released as a solo thing, which is really exciting," said Janzen.

The Carman Parade was a display of community spirit and celebration. Colourful floats with festive decorations filled the streets, captivating the eyes of both young and old. The parade showcased southern Manitoba's diverse organizations, communities, and local businesses. The lively music, enthusiastic cheers, and waves of the parade participants created an electric atmosphere.

The fair was full of activity throughout the weekend, with so much to see and do. Overall, the Carman Country Fair proved to be a huge success, attracting many people and providing an unforgettable experience for all who attended.