According to a post on social media, around 9pm Saturday night, the Carman Dufferin Fire Department (CDFD) was dispatched to a water rescue at Stephenfield Lake.   An inflatable raft, with two people on board, was blown away from shore by strong wind gusts, firefighters were told upon arrival at the lake. One person left the raft to try to pull it to shore but was unsuccessful and eventually let it go and swam to shore.  

Firefighters were able to use a boat on shore to search for the missing raft and lone occupant, finding them near the north shore of the lake.  The stranded rafter was brought back to the shore and evaluated by the EMS team.  Morden Fire and Rescue joined the efforts, in case additional support was required. 

CDFD would like to remind everyone this summer, when enjoying water activities, in any form of watercraft, there must be enough life jackets for everyone on board.