Friesens Corporation continues to fortify the expansion of YFC Altona - The Station and its mission.

Employee-owners of the Altona-based print manufacturer and packaging specialist have come forward with a $100,000 cash donation to help fund to the youth organization's new facility and development of a makerspace. This donation represents 25% of the original expansion budget.

This latest support follows an earlier, long term commitment by Friesens to provide YFC with over 7,000 square feet of space for the major expansion.

provides to local youth, and we’re excited to see how much more they can do through this new facility.”

The new YFC Altona is located at the corner or 6th Street SE and 2nd Ave SE. The facility is accessible to all youth regardless of physical limitations, finances, family situations, or beliefs. It is a safe place for people to connect, support, share, and grow together.