A new week started off with a Meal in the Field, sponsored by Sunvalley Tire, served to the Marlin Froese Family Farm.  The family farms in the Plum Coulee/Horndean area.  Lunch is an important meal, and pizza from Pizza Haven in Altona was a welcome treat in the heart of the harvest season.

It was a good time talking and sharing stories with Jason from Sunvalley Tire, Golden West Sales Manager Bob Miller, Reporter Robyn Wiebe and the Froese family.

CFAM Morning Show Co-Host, Chris Sumner, talked farming and lunch with Marlin.

We're looking forward to our next stop during Meals in the Field. Wednesday we'll be in the Reinland area, and delivering to Ens Farms!


Tomorrow, Eagle On-Air Announcers Ronny Guenther and Nicole Klassen will be bringing pizza, courtesy of Western Harvest Bean to another farming family in the Pembina Valley.