Michelle Sawatzky has decided to display the Christmas cards HER family is receiving with a mosaic right on the wall... some hang them on ribbons, some decorate the Christmas tree with it... how about you? We'd love to see your Christmas card displays... email us a picture of it! michellejaymechris@goldenwestradio.com OR find CFAM on Facebook and post your picture there... we'll share it! MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

"Tried something new this year to display some of our cards. Used my Gigi's beautifully antiqued ladder." Submitted by Kim Stott.

Submitted by Mary Lou Manke


"Around here, we decorate our Christmas tree with friends' cards and photos - they really are the ornament of our house." Submitted by Kim Rempel.


"A Yoshi Family Christmas. This picture was made by my foster dad 15 years ago." Submitted by Sean Traverse.


Submitted by Lynette Esau