Meals on the Farm heads east of St. Jean

The fourth Meals on the Farm delivery sponsored by T-C Energy was made Thursday afternoon. CFAM Music Director Eva Heide & Sports Director Clayton Dreger took the Carman Ford F150 to the Sabourin farm located across the Red River east of St. Jean.

Eric Sabourin along with his younger brothers Dominic & Cristian and their father Hubert farm 6,800 acres of land.

Harvest started the second week of August and should be completed in less than a month as their corn and sunflowers are ahead of schedule.

It is an impressive family operation that includes parents Hubert and Edmee; Eric & his wife Denise and their three children Denton, Dase and Daelyn; Dominic & his wife Maddie and their kids Aubrey and Jade; Cristian and their sister Melanie.

The Sabourin family enjoyed a tasty Meals on the Farm lunch of lasagna, garlic bread and caesar salad supplied by Sun Valley Co-op.

After lunch Clayton and Eric talked about the family farm and how three brothers and their dad make it work.