An engineering study for a pathway along the RM of Stanley Corridor, connecting the cities of Winkler and Morden is on its last leg until the project can go to tender.
The study first got underway in 2016, but then for a number of reasons things stalled out for a period of time. 

Last year, a $75,000 grant from Trails Manitoba to fund the efforts toward the Stanley-Corridor Pathway to the Stanley Community Pathway Committee.
James Friesen is a member of the Stanley Trail Association and a committee member of the Stanley Community Pathway. He said in 2021, a committee was put together to pick up the study where it was left off and they are now getting closer to wrapping it up.

"Right now, we are working with the Morden Research Station, so a good quarter mile of the pathway would ideally run on the edge of the research station, so they're looking at a number of factors there that ensures that the pathway would be built in the best possible part of their property."

Friesen said there are so many reasons to see this project go ahead, hopefully, sooner rather than later. The issue of safety is one reason. He said right now, for people using the shoulders of the highway, 'it's just not safe.' 

"For community members that have remained connected to the idea, it's been decades, plural, at least as far as I can recall where the idea of connecting these two communities, that really are so close together. It's a shame it hasn't happened so far, and so the committee is very motivated to see that this finally gets put over the top and done."

Friesen said there are too many good things that the trail represents, providing physical and emotional health, proving a safe route between the two communities, as well as the environmental aspect.