The Council for the City of Morden is hoping a letter addressed to the Minister of Transportation will yield positive results and slow down traffic coming into the community.
The current speed limits coming into Morden from both the east and west have been in place for well over a decade, according to Santokh Randhawa - Morden's Director of Operations. he said the city has outgrown those limits. 
Portions of provincial roadways run through the community, which are under Morden's jurisdiction with respect to access management. Randhawa said Council would like those limits expanded further to give Morden authority there as well.

Coming into Morden from the east, Deputy Mayor Gord Maddock said they would like to have the 50 km/h speed limit sign moved back to Boston Pizza, north on Mountain, and the 70 km/h sign back to the Highways yard at Road 14.

"And then on the other end of town, we'd like to bring the 50 up to Colert Beach Road, and then the 70 out maybe to Stardust Drive-In and start slowing all this traffic that's coming in," added Maddock. "You know, you have your golf course, we've got the beach up at that end. At the other end, we have a bunch of shops, like myself, and people are turning in and out. So, we think it's a safety issue and we want to jump on it before somebody gets seriously hurt." 
Morden's deputy mayor, Gord Maddock said the the letter also requests turning lights be installed at 1st Street and Highway 3, something Council has requested previously to no avail.

"Since we got elected to Council, some of us five years ago, we've been asking for turning lights at 1st Street and also by Tim Horton's," said Maddock. "Well, we got half of that at Tim Horton's and that's all we've gotten."

There have been numerous accidents at the 1st Street and Highway 3 intersection over the past decade, with over 10 of those accidents sending people to hospital with various injuries. Maddock says they want to see turning lights in place to help eliminate some of the accidents, or "before someone gets killed."

- With files from Robyn Wiebe -


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