July 6, 2024, marked a special day for the community as Corner 2 Corner celebrated its 20th anniversary with a special event featuring performances by comedian Matt Falk and talented musician Catie St. Germain. Despite early concerns about potential rain, the weather turned out to be perfect, allowing families to enjoy a fantastic day of entertainment and celebration.

"If anybody hasn't used them before, I would suggest trying them out. They're a great company and it's amazing that they're putting on this free event," said attendee Nancy Abrams.

The festivities, organized entirely by Corner 2 Corner, were held in the centre of the community. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and joy as attendees gathered to celebrate two decades of service and connection promoted by the organization. The event was free, showcasing Corner 2 Corner’s commitment to giving back to the community that has supported them over the years.

"We're very excited. It's been awesome to be able to serve the community and surrounding areas for 20 years," said Owner Allen Heppner. "Without good staff and great clients, we could not do this."

The celebration began with a mix of family-friendly activities, and also featured a variety of activities and attractions for all ages. Families enjoyed a petting zoo, a variety of vendors offering a wide array of goods, and kids' bouncy inflatables that provided endless entertainment for the younger attendees. Children and adults enjoyed free swimming at Winkler’s Aquatic Centre, adding to the fun and inclusive atmosphere of the celebration. These additions ensured there was something for everyone to enjoy.

"It's a wonderful feeling truly. We put so much work into this and we were just really hoping for a good turnout, and it's just blowing us away already," Said Jenna Banman, Corner 2 Corner Marketing Director. "It's been amazing to be a part of this and to see it all come together. It's been heartwarming and such a blessing."

Matt Falk kicked off the evening by captivating the audience with a series of hilarious stories and observations. His performance set a lighthearted and festive tone and left the crowd in stitches.

"I've performed for them [Corner 2 Corner] before at their company party, and when they invited me out here, I said yes right away," said Falk. "I had a great time. Like I say on stage, I don't take it for granted to be invited to people's events. When people are hosting things... it's very special to be invited into their space, so I love it. This crowd was phenomenal. And you never know what to expect when you show up in front of an audience but they came through big time."

Following Falk’s act, Catie St. Germain took to the stage, enchanting the audience with her soulful voice and engaging stage presence. She played a mix of original songs and popular covers, including an unreleased song dedicated to mothers, which added a heartfelt touch to the celebration.

"I love Winkler, I'm just really grateful to be brought out here." said Catie St. Germain. "I'm super grateful that this is my job and this is what I get to do. It's pretty cool... I love that it's a family-friendly event and that they're doing this as a free event. That's incredible."

In between the performances, Corner 2 Corner kept the energy high by throwing merchandise into the crowd, much to the delight of the attendees. This interactive element further enhanced the sense of community and fun throughout the event.

"We're celebrating 20 years in business and without the community's support, we wouldn't be here. So this is our way of saying thank you and letting everybody have a good time," said Evan Heppner, who works at Corner 2 Corner.

As the sun set, the celebration continued, leaving everyone with cherished memories of a day well spent. The 20th anniversary event was a testament to Corner 2 Corner’s enduring legacy and its dedication to fostering a strong, united community.


Photos Sent in by Ian Peters: