Those at A.M.M.'s meeting also heard about the provincial government "losing it."

It's day 3 of the 8th Annual Association of Manitoba Municipalities' convention in Winnipeg.


Delegates Wednesday morning had the opportunity to hear from Provincial Conservative leader Hugh McFadyen and Liberal leader Jon Gerrard. McFadyen spoke on creating a new vision for Manitoba.


He says it will require 3 steps.


McFadyen says first of all the province must end the current system of ad hoc and politically driven grants and replace it with funding mechanisms that provide predictable, long term revenue flows.


Secondly, he says Manitoba must reduce its reliance on education property taxes.


And finally, McFadyen says government must accomplish its environmental goals by working together and not against property owners.


Meantime, Gerrard covered a number of topics including the hog moratorium in our province.


He says it makes no sense. Gerrard says people are calling it the dumbest move ever made in Manitoba and it shows the N.D.P. government is "losing it."