This week (January 6th to 10th) on the Country88 Morning Show, Chris Sumner is buzzing your brain by giving away copies of the hit board game Buzz Word!


How does it work?


Let's say the buzzword is “Bean”. All your answers must include the word “bean”.


For example:

'90s British Comedy TV series – Mr. Bean

Common veggie in fresh, frozen, or can – Green Bean

An accountant – Bean Counter


Country88 is buzzing your brain this week for the board game Buzz Word. Listen for your cue to call Monday, January 6th to Friday, January 10th with Morning Show Host Chris Sumner!




Monday, January 6th -Nettie Penner (Winkler area)


Tuesday, January 7th - Laura Penner (Winkler area)


Wednesday, January 8th - Justina Bueckert (Winkler)


Thursday, January 9th - Maria Dyck (Horndean area)


Friday, January 10th -