With the harvest rolling along it won't be long before farmers will be looking at shipping that grain to market.

Elizabeth Hucker, the assistant vice-president of marketing and sales for bulk with CPKC  says they have been busy holding meetings with customers to try and determine their needs.

She notes that while people are well aware of the drought conditions that exist in southern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewa, in other areas such as southeastern Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the crop and yields look really good.

Hucker spent some time in Winnipeg recently meeting with Canadian grain customers to find out what kind of movement and demand they are looking at.

"So, I was there talking to customers about how jointly we can get ready to move the harvest. How many bushels per acre are they seeing in the different areas? What can they expect for volume moving to either Vancouver or Thunder Bay? Or honestly even all the way down to U.S. destinations in Mexico?"

She says they then take that information from customers and provide it to their team as they work on developing their own resource plans.

"So the team and I have taken the information that we've gathered from all of our meetings, and are sharing it with our asset distribution and operations team to ensure that we're ready. "

Hucker says CPKC is already pre-spotting a couple of key elevators throughout Western Canada, so that when the harvest comes off, and farmers are ready to bring it to the elevator, CPKC is ready to go.

To hear Glenda-Lee's conversation with CPKC's assistant vice president of marketing and sales for bulk, Elizabeth Hucker, click on the link below.