A farmer in the Carman/Homewood area says most of his crop is in the ground.

Warren McCutcheon notes they had a really good seeding push last week.

"We're not in too bad of shape here. We got pretty much finished up here this weekend, maybe 10 acres or so left of wet holes and along tree lines. I don't think we'll maybe ever get to them this year now that it's gotten so wet here again. We had a really good push last week and even the week before the previous rain system. We've done a lot better than a lot of areas for sure. Feeling pretty fortunate right now to have most of it in the ground.

He notes the dry soil from last year has soaked up the spring moisture, adding fields with tile drainage have also benefitted. The sunny, warm weather has also helped.

McCutcheon says many crops are already starting to emerge.

"That's what we were seeing here even this week. Wheat and stuff that had been in the ground for four, five, six days is already poking through and some of the corn is starting to emerge. Canola that was seeded like that May 18/19 timeframe was coming up really nice. Certainly once you get into later May here, the emergence is so much better than some years when we're seeding in late April, early May. We're obviously behind a little bit but maybe not quite as much as we think just because we haven't had any warm weather."

Weeds are also starting to emerge. McCutcheon says they were able to get the corn sprayed before it came up.

He adds flea beetles have been an issue on volunteer canola