Reinfeld area farmer Jack Froese says his crops are looking pretty decent with the rain that we've had this year.

He commented on the corn crop.

"We had a three inch rain across most of our corn here a little better than two weeks ago. So we had a little bit of an issue there and then we had some blowing earlier in the year but it's coming around really nicely. It's looking very good."

Froese notes there also were some challenges with canola earlier in the season.

"We had some crusting and some flea beetles and a little bit of blowing earlier on so we actually reseeded a thousand acres, but it is coming along real nice now. It's starting to cabbage. The earlier stuff is starting to bloom. It's starting to come around."

He says the soybeans look really good and are starting to flower, adding they have been spraying for grasshoppers in the soybeans.

Fungicide application has been completed on the wheat.