Earlier this week, you may have noticed a couple of large trees were taken down on the south end of Winkler's Bethel Heritage Park. The work caught our eye, so we asked City Manager Jody Penner about it.

"We did take down two dead elm trees along the very south end of the park along Pembina," explained Penner. "They were dead, and they were causing some concern for staff as to are they going to come down, and are they going to be a safety hazard, so we took those down. There is one more coming down, which is at the east end of the park along Main Street."

Penner expects that third tree will be removed in the next week or two.

"It's never great when we have to take trees down, but there are trees that die, and when they do, we have a great arborist team that looks after those things, and they'll replant trees," he added ."It's tough having to take out mature trees, but when they are dying and pose a safety hazard, we don't have much choice. We definitely evaluate it very carefully before we take that step."

- With files from Abby Wall -