Work has begun to clear damaged material from the Parkhill and Alvey street bridges in Morden in order to make way for new structures. The two bridges were severely damaged during this past spring's high-water event and have been closed ever since. 

"We've started on Parkhill Street. So, all of the asphalt, concrete and culverts, everything is being removed there," explained Tim Reimer, Director of Operations for the City of Morden. "The Alvey Street Bridge would be, I would assume, shortly after Parkhill is complete."

The main objective, added Reimer, is to have the material removed throughout the winter, in time for spring. 

"Of course, the sooner we get everything cleaned up and out of there, then possibly construction can begin."

In the meantime, vehicle and foot traffic is being urged to avoid the two sites.

"We don't want them near the equipment while the guys are working there. It is very unsafe," said Reimer, noting barricades have been set up at each location. "We ask to try and find alternate routes."

The word of caution extends to after the demolition period as well. 

"Definitely crossing the creek is always a safety hazard throughout the winter and the summer," added Reimer. "The ice is never really all that stable in that creek due to the underground springs that run along there."