Midland MLA, Lauren Stone, has been given several responsibilities within the Official Opposition's Shadow Cabinet. 

The rookie Progressive Conservative MLA, elected in October 3rd's provincial election, has been named Shadow Minister for Families, Accessibility and Gender Equity. 

"I'm excited to take on this new role and to hold the NDP government and Minister of Families, Nahanni Fontaine, to account," she said. "The Department of Families is a very large and important file as it deals with vulnerable children and persons, so it crosses and encounters so many different issues and sensitivities; housing, health, safety, addictions and protections just to name a few. So, I have a lot to learn and get up to speed on, but I'm looking forward to the challenge."

Overall, Stone added, the Opposition has an important role to play in the Legislature and says that is to ensure the NDP government is being fiscally responsible and being held accountable for the promises made during the election and beyond. 

In addition, Stone has been tapped to serve as Deputy Caucus Whip.

"For the Caucus Whip and Deputy Whip, (their job) is to ensure that our caucus members are in the House in-session and ready to vote and ensuring that we're all holding our critic roles and the NDP government and ministers to account on what they are implementing and presenting in the Legislature in terms of bills and House priorities."

Overall, it's been an exciting few weeks for Stone since the election. So far, she's participated in new MLA training with her fellow rookie PC and NDP MLAs and is now working on getting her constituency office up and running.


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