Designs are actively coming together for a massive renovation to the Gretna Arena. 

In April, the federal government announced that it is investing $798,000 to support the energy-efficient project through its Green and Inclusive Community Buildings (GICB) program. The Municipality of Rhineland is kicking in $435,500 as well.

Planned upgrades include improved accessibility of the facility. Signage will be installed and renovations to the public washrooms will make the building more accessible to residents with disabilities. Building safety will also be enhanced through the installation of non-slip flooring in the viewing area and washrooms, and upgrades to the fire safety and exiting system.

According to Reeve Don Wiebe, these plans are about one-third complete. 

"I think we should be able to start next spring with some of this stuff," he added. "The plan is to keep the arena for winter and not disrupt the season."

Additionally, the facility is getting an improved roof and insulation, all exterior doors and windows with be replaced, ventilation upgraded, and old, outdated fixtures replaced with new low-flow fixtures to also improve water conservation. Once complete, these enhancements are expected to reduce the facility's energy consumption by an estimated 30.7% and greenhouse gas emissions by 0.17 tonnes annually.

Wiebe notes, those designs are part of the next stage of the process.