Tuesday's downpour has a number of creeks and ditches in the Municipality of Rhineland once again running at or above capacity, especially just west of Altona.

Public works supervisor, Craig Smiley, says over 4 inches fell in Gnadenthal and he's getting reports of between 4.5 and 5 inches in the Rosetown area. He noted, the rain came down so hard and fast it couldn't absorb into the ground.

"It came down in about forty five minutes so it was all pretty much run-off," he explained.

"There was a lot of water backed up on to crop, and with the heat we've had I'm thinking some of our farmers have lost quite a bit of crop," added Smiley. "The ditches were moving but the ones that weren't mowed were move moving slower than the ones that had been mowed."

The rainfall also resulted in four gravel roads being overtopped with water, but Smiley says repairs have already been made and they are back up and running. He's hoping to get out and survey the dirt roads today.

All of this water will eventually flow into the Buffalo Channel en route to the Red River. Smiley expects most of the water will be moved out of the Altona area by Saturday.