Winter is coming, and the days are getting shorter. 

Short days mean less sunlight, and less sunlight means more health issues. 

Dr. Denis Fortier from Southern Health says there are ways to keep your physical and mental health from declining in the upcoming short days. 

“I think there are a lot of things that we need to do in terms of trying to get ourselves active, eating right, and where possible, exposing ourselves to sunlight.” 

Fortier notes that snow works as an amplifier for light. 

“The one thing about winter that I've noticed is that when there's snow on the ground, which some people may not like, we actually get very bright white light and that is very helpful.” 

He says that it is important to make time during your day to get outside and soak in some sunlight. This can be a lunch break, coffee break, or even before you go into work.  

“Get out, get some fresh air, and walk around in the bright winter days. That will absolutely help your mental health because light and light therapy has been known to be beneficial for your mental health.” 

He stresses that it is important to combat the cold, dark days throughout the next couple months by building healthy habits. 

"Eat well, exercise, get out during the day when the sun is out and bright. Those are the things that will help you get through these winters.” 

He says to look forward to December 21st, because that is when the days will start to get longer again.